Turtle Tots Swimming - New terms now booking in Enfield!

Come out of your shell and learn the Turtle Tots way!

Hi I’m Jenny and I’d like to give you a warm welcome to Turtle Tots North London

I am passionate about swimming and would love the opportunity to introduce you and your baby to our wonderful programme. Introducing your child to the water at a young age is such an important and worthwhile activity and we would love to make this as fun and rewarding as possible for you both. Our fully qualified team are all mums themselves and would love to offer their support, skills and knowledge to help lead you through this exciting life saving activity.

At our classes you’ll learn how to swim with your baby above and below the water, and how to teach your baby water confidence and key life saving skills. The more relaxed we can help you feel in the water the more enjoyment you and your baby will share. Seeing children gain confidence in the water gives mums and dads the most amazing feeling and burning off a few calories at the same time is an added bonus!

So if you and your child want to come along to have fun and make friends in the pool….come out of your shell and learn to swim the Turtle Tots way!

Baby and Toddler Swimming lessons

Fun and progressive swimming lessons for babies, teaching swimming skills and water safety that builds water safety.

St Ignatius College, Turkey Street EN1 4NP

Baby and Toddler Classes

Available to book now!

Thursday – Baby Level 2 @ 10.30 and Baby Level 1 @ 11am

Friday – Toddlers age 2-3 @ 10.30  Baby Level 2 @ 11am and Baby Level 1 @ 11.30

Sunday  – Toddlers age 2-3 @ 9.30, Baby Level 2 @ 10am and Baby Level 1 @ 10.30

Baby Level 1 suitable from 3 months to around 11 months

Baby Level 2 suitable from 11months to around 15 months

Visit www.turtletots.com/northlondon for class details

email northlondon@turtletots.com
call or text 07984 490844


  • How much does it cost?

    £150 for a 10 week term. Split payments can be made as long as full payment is made by the time of the first class.

  • Do you teach submersions?

    Swimming the babies under the water is not the main focus of a Turtle Tots class; it is however a very important part of our programme. We introduce submersion within our early baby classes using a baby led approach, as the babies can adore moving through the water in this gravity free environment. The baby led element is important for the babies who have some initial misgivings about swimming. We all hope our baby will be the one that has no fear but many might need a bit of convincing (even with the gag reflex and quite sensibly some might say!) and it is important to recognise this as ignoring it can lead to the baby having unhappy experiences in the water which can lead them to associating swimming pools with bad times and that is not good and goes against everything we are trying to achieve.

  • Does my baby need to be immunised?

    It’s perfectly safe to bring your baby to the swimming pool before and after they’ve had their first set of injections. The only time this differs is if your baby was born over six weeks premature. In this case we ask that your baby has had their first set of immunisation injections (usually given at two months of age) before they start Turtle Tots classes. Babies can be a bit grumpy a day or two afterwards so it might be the timing doesn't work for a class but if they are feeling well then we welcome you along. The advice to wait until your baby has had their immunisations comes from the days when the polio vaccine was given live, so there was the possibility that the disease could be spread if the baby pooed during a swimming class. The vaccine is no longer given this way, so there is absolutely no risk of contamination. The other diseases that babies and toddlers are immunised against are all airborne – so swimming pools carry no additional risk of infection in comparison to anywhere else you may take your baby.

  • If we can't make a class what happens?

    We try to offer up to two catch ups a term per child. This is not guaranteed as it depends on the availability in other classes and we don’t have unlimited pool time so it relies on parents telling us they aren’t going to be there some weeks so we can fit the catch ups in. We must be told before the class that you will not attend and the more notice you give us the higher chance you will have of getting your catch up, so if you know you’re going to be away during the term we can try to arrange the catch ups at the time of payment or at least you will at the top of the list to be slotted into when a space becomes available. The catch ups may be in a different level but must be taken within the term and cannot be carried or used as credits for future terms.

  • What should my baby wear for baby swimming?

    Until your baby or toddler is toilet-trained it is mandatory for them to wear a disposable swimming nappy (which you can buy at your local supermarket) and on top of that an outer nappy to hold everything in. The outer nappy is a neoprene nappy, which you can buy from us before your first class if you wish. The outer nappy should fit closely enough to form a tight seal around the waist and thighs. The purpose of the nappy is to give some added protection if your baby feels it just can’t hold on! If you think your baby has pooped during class, please check and if so, they will need changing. Holding out so you don’t miss your class can lead to pool closure for 24 hours and lesson cancellations so we ask parents to please be responsible about this. Depending on the pool and the child they may be more comfortable in a Warma (no sleeved body wrap) or a cosy long sleeved and legged Wetsuit. If you’re not sure just ask us and we can advise. If you’re not sure we can have one at the pool and you use it and buy it if you want it, after experiencing the pool for yourself.

  • Do parents need to be confident in the water?

    No, although parents need to be in the pool with the babies, the pool is shallow enough for parents to stand up. Our teachers are fully trained and experienced in helping parents to feel confident in the water. We will assist you with the submersion exercises for your child if you do not want to go underwater or dislike water in your face.