TinyTalk Enfield

Baby Signing and Toddler Talking classes

Class Timetable:


Mondays @ St Michaels EN2

Baby class at:

10.30am (suitable for babies from newborn up to approx 18 months)


Tuesdays @ The Raglan Schools, EN1

Toddler class at 10am (from approx 18 months to preschool)

Baby class at 11.15am (from birth to approx 18 months)

TinyTalk Baby Signing classes are 1 hour long, with the same structure every week to help your little TinyTalker feel secure. With your baby, you’ll get to
-sing favourite nursery rhymes
-march around to our walkabout songs (Bear Hunt is my favourite!)
-take part in sensory activities, using sensory shapes, flashing balls and reading books
-learn around 5 core signs every week

In the second half of the session, the babies have a chance to play with a wide range of toys, and the grown ups can get a hot drink – this was my only opportunity to drink a whole cup of coffee with a small baby! Many parents say that this is their favourite part of the week – and there are chocolate biscuits too.

You’ll be able to take home a small handout to remind you of the core signs, as we all know what a lack of sleep does to the memory!

Our Toddler Classes
Our Toddler classes follow the same basic structure that your little ones are used to, as familiarity is so comforting!

During class time we:
– Encourage toddlers’ speech and language development
– Bring songs, stories and games alive with signs, props, and more!
– Promote skills such as turn taking, sharing, following instructions and teamwork.
– Cover different themes such as zoo animals, colours, opposites and lots more, to give them the vocabulary to tell you about their world.

Of course our toddlers know none of this, they’re too busy having fun!


Sarah is an absolutely amazing teacher! Zelda has so much fun in her TinyTalk sessions and is never treated differently because of her hearing impairment. She loves Sarah!

Although we have missed a term Zelda and I are very much looking forward to starting toddlers in September. Zelda’s signing around 30 signs now and that extra communication tool wouldn’t have been possible without Sarah and TinyTalk. I recommend it to all my friends! Sarah puts her heart, soul, and a whole load of hard work into every class.


  • How can I book?

    Go to www.bookwhen.com/tinytalkenfield for classes at St Michaels, or the Raglan school website for classes on a Thursday: https://www.raglanschools.org/page/?title=Toddler+Talk+%26amp%3B+TinyTalk&pid=231

  • When can I start coming to classes?

    We offer the class from birth as it’s good for the adults to get in the habit of signing as babies are able to recognise signs well before they are able to use signs to tell you what they need. Babies also really enjoy experiencing the music and sensory activities, and I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the house whilst my son was tiny! Classes include 30 mins of social time with hot drinks and refreshments which gives you an opportunity to meet other parents and enjoy an uninterrupted drink.

  • Why should I teach my baby to sign?

    From an early age a baby’s understanding is significantly greater than their ability to communicate, as their vocal cords, tongue and mouth muscles are not developed or coordinated enough to start to talk and be understood until they are approximately 12-18 months old, and often not effectively until nearer 2 yrs. Frustration can take hold as both parents and child struggle to understand each other. This frustration can lead to tantrums causing upset to both the parents and the child….and also means that you and your baby can miss out on many months of fun interaction! We all already use gesture as a natural part of our language, for example waving and clapping, and also we often use basic signs ourselves as adults…think ‘drink’ in a pub, or showing your partner that there’s someone on the ‘phone’. By building on this and teaching simple British Sign Language signs, babies are able to start expressing their wants and needs, or their excitement at going to see ducks in the park or daddy arriving home!

  • What are the benefits of Toddler classes?

    We aim to prepare your little person for the future and enhance core skills. Obviously we are a communication based class so we do encorage communication supported by sign, and our classes cover themes including colours, numbers, animals, shapes and opposites. We also help Toddler practice social skills like sharing, turn talking, and encourage increasing independence and confidence.

  • What about siblings?

    There's no extra charge for siblings - so bring brothers, sisters, twins or even triplets for one price.

TinyTalk Enfield


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