The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre

Helping people affected by cancer

The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre is an Enfield-based charity supporting adults affected by cancer, including patients, family members, friends and colleagues. The charity does not provide a direct medical service, but works alongside local health care facilities to ensure that those affected by cancer receive the emotional, psychological and practical support needed to help them come to terms with and cope with their changing lives.


After a cancer diagnosis, many patients feel an array of different emotions. Some may experience a sense of shock, fear, or sadness and many question why this has happened to them. As treatment progresses, more emotional and physical changes can occur and as they do, many people become frustrated at the loss of control cancer has caused. 


Therefore we provide a range of services including selected treatments, complementary therapies and practical support which are held at our centre. What groups and activities a client takes part in are solely based on each individual’s mental and physical state, rather than a one size fits all approach.


Our therapies and group activities are designed to provide physical relief from the effects of cancer and its treatments. While counselling and support groups help people trying to come to terms with the illness and their worries and anxieties. We are also a rich source of information, offering educational and advisory groups to both individuals and families throughout different stages of their cancer journey.


All of our services are free of charge, however they are not free to provide. The charity is non-government funded and therefore depends totally on external funding.


Set up in 2002, The Nightingale is now the primary provider of non-medical cancer support within the Borough of Enfield annually supporting approximately 600 clients.