Sparks Enfield

Sparks Enfield is a brand new location for Sparks Film & Media Arts. We provide fun and engaging filmmaking classes and workshops for children and teenagers in Enfield. 

We support young filmmakers to develop their creative talents, grow their skills and express their ideas. Along the way, we boost confidence, nurture creativity and instil a wealth of valuable skills including teamwork and communication.

The young filmmakers delve into every aspect of the filmmaking process. Through participation, filmmakers develop their imaginations. They learn to express their creativity and their ideas. They also develop their soft skills, including teamwork and communication.

Under guidance from our team of workshop instructors, they explore professional film production techniques, covering pre-production through to post-production. They work towards their own film productions, gradually building up their portfolio of work, as well as their skillset.

We like to get to know every child well and give them plenty of practical opportunity. Class sizes are small to ensure every child has plenty of opportunity to contribute, as well a high level of personalised attention.