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Night Nanny/Newborn Care service:

I give New parents the rest they need after having a baby, allowing them to rest & recover so as to be in a good place both mentally and physically to enjoy their New baby! .

I work the night shift with your baby in your home. 2-7nights as you choose. You might call that a luxury. I call it necessary!

I help parents and guide them through breast and bottle-feeding routines, and feeding techniques, changing baby, winding baby, and laying the right foundations for sleep training. 

Being a newborn care specialist, I come with all the tools needed to evaluate and troubleshoot any problems that arise in those early days breastfeeding issues, colic, reflux, and CMPA.

I pride myself on the ability to work with parents, giving them all the information they need whilst respecting their wishes and supporting them throughout.

My passion for helping Mums get the right support to suit their individual family needs, shines through in all that I do. It’s not a career that drives me but the ability to share my extensive knowledge to ease the pressures, stress and hurdles of early parenthood which is the driving factor behind me and my service.

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