Monkey Music Potters Bar / Enfield

Rock’n’Roll       –       for babies from 3 months

Heigh-Ho          –      for toddlers from 12 months

Jiggety-Jig         –      for 2 & 3 year olds

Ding-Dong        –      for 3 & 4 year olds

Cost: term bookings only (free trial available)

About Monkey Music: 

Monkey Music offers award winning, age specific classes to babies and young children. Our progressive, educational yet fun curricula honed for over 20 years is designed to nurture a lifetime of music.Our age specific, 30 minute classes are fun, educational and include a wide variety of musical activities, games, movement, singing and song. We use fascinating sounds and absorbing musical activities to encourage learning and our weekly class song gives familiarity to ensure the children feel relaxed and at home during the class. At Monkey Music we have a great deal of resources that we use to ensure our classes are fun and unique. We have special percussion instruments, ranging from drums; which are a favourite of the toddlers to rainmakers and wind chimes that totally captivate the babies with their magical sounds. Each child is able to touch and play with the instruments creating their own music either individually or with another little monkey. We also use rhymes, puppets and visual props to captivate the babies and toddlers to ensure that each song comes to life.

Come and experience the magic of monkey music book your FREE Class today!Suitable for ages from 3 months – 4 years.