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I am passionate about helping families lead a balanced lifestyle by advising individuals on their health, wellness and wealth journey. We are no longer what we eat but what our body is able to absorb. When we are unable to absorb the goodness we put into our bodies, then we have health issues arising. I am happy to give free nutritional advice and help families and children overcome their own little challenges, without the need of traditional medicine.

Having worked in childcare and studied child psychology, I can identify when children are lacking in certain nutrients, which may lead them into manifesting challenging behaviours.

Since I became a mum 3 years ago, I was keen to find natural remedies to overcome my little family’s battles with viruses, bacteria, infections, skin problems, unhealthy weight after pregnancy, and low income whilst on maternity leave and so on. That is when I decided to start a new journey in my life and help other families that are going through what I have been through! I am proud to say that I have helped lots of families overcome their skin challenges in the most natural way possible, I have built my family’s immune system so strong that we no longer store medicines in  our household…not even the odd paracetamol! Most importantly, this business has given my family TIME to spend together and enjoying parenthood. My products are suitable from pregnancy to infants to toddlers and young children up to over 100years old!

I have lots of success stories and testimonials that I am very happy to share with people interested in natural remedies for a strong immune system, radiant skin, weight management products and many more.

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