Grounded Spirit

Psychic Readings, Courses & Spiritual Goods

Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant & Psychic Development Coach. I offer accurate readings via messenger, face to face or phone. Each reading is done through connection to spirit, spirit guides and tarot cards to offer messages from loved ones, advice around current situations and accurate future predictions and time frames.

I offer face to face psychic development tuition, including a regular Intuitive Tarot Reading Course.

The website will be open very soon to offer spiritual goods including cards, pedulums, incense & gifts as well as online courses.


Discount Card Offer: 10% off messenger readings and 20% off online courses


  • Do you do group evenings?

    Yes, group evenings are very popular! I can either do platform mediumship (where I stand at the front and address the audience) or do individual readings for each of you. If you host a group evening at your house with at least 4 of you, you will get yours half price as a thank you for hosting!

  • How does a messenger reading work?

    Its exactly the same as a phone reading, but its typed out over a Whatsapp or Facebook messenger conversation. You can actually see messengers readings I have done before on my Facebook page.

  • Can I hire you for an event? What type of events do you do?

    I offer many different types of packages for events. We have done, birthdays, weddings and opening events. Whether you are looking for small individual readings or walk up readings (mingle in the party and just go and give people messages - like a magician with no tricks!). I also have a few other amazing psychic readers on my books, so if you needed a few, I have you covered!

  • Do you have to be psychic to do your courses?

    No way! Anyone can do them. I will show you how to open up and become more intuitive. I really believe that everybody has the ability, its all about knowing how you receive messages and trusting them.